Radioactive Drug Research Committee Members

Appoints Representatives RepresentativesDescriptionTerm
Ex Officio
Committee On CommitteesErnest V.  BelezzuoliCommittee Chair; Associate Clinical Professor, Department of  Radiology, VC-Health SciencesIndefinite 
Committee on CommitteesCarl K. HohFaculty Representative; Chief, Nuclear Medicine and Professor, Department of Radiology, VC-Health SciencesIndefinite
Committee on CommitteesVacantRadiology Faculty Representative 
Staff AssociationKishore Kumar KottaStaff Representative; Staff Res Associate, VC-Health SciencesIndefinite
Resource Management & PlanningJohn S. (Scott) LangfordAlternate Radiation Safety Officer; Health Phys/ARSO, Environment Health & SafetyIndefinite
Resource Management & PlanningJeffrey A. (Jeff) WagnerCommittee Contact; Radiation Safety Officer, Environment Health & SafetyIndefinite